Hemorrhoids are Very common

Hemorrhoids are Very common
More than 3 million US cases are reported each year.
They are treatable by a medical professional, and they can be treated at home by you too.
Usually they are easy to self -diagnose
Lab tests or imaging is not required in most cases.

They can last for years or be lifelong.
Hemorrhoids are usually caused from straining during bowel movements,But  obesity, and pregnancy are some of the other known causes.
Discomfort is a common symptom, especially during bowel movements or when sitting. Other symptoms include itching and bleeding.
A high-fiber diet can be effective, along with over-the-counter medications, such as stool softeners and ointments to help ease the pain. In some cases, a medical procedure is needed to remove the hemorrhoid to provide relief.
Consult a doctor for medical advice
Sources: Mayo Clinic and others.

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