Here are Some Welcome Relief Tips For Hemorrhoid Sufferers

With so many different causes and symptoms that can warrant a diagnosis of hemorrhoids, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. Fortunately, the information found within this handpicked selection of tips for the treatment of both internal and external hemorrhoids can take out some of the confusion and guesswork.

If you are in a lot of pain from your hemorrhoids, go into your freezer and make an ice pack to put on your skin. Ice can help to numb the irritating aspects of your hemorrhoids, and can provide temporary relief for your skin. Apply ice to your skin for a quick solution.

An effective tip for hemorrhoid relief is to make use of a sitz bath containing healing essential oils. Ensure that the water is of a temperature tolerable to the affected area, and add several drops of lavender and juniper oils. Soaking the irritated skin in this type of preparation can provide pain relief and can reduce swelling noticeably.

Vitamin B is a very advantageous supplement to take in the morning to control your symptoms of hemorrhoids. This vitamin is great in restoring a positive mindset and helping to digest the foods that you consume. Take vitamin B to help reduce your stress level and improve your bodily functions.

Some people think that a hemorrhoid pillow can offer relief from their suffering, but in fact, sitting on a donut pillow can make hemorrhoids worse! When your buttocks sink down into the hole, pressure is placed on the anal veins, causing more pain and inflammation. Instead, use a regular pillow for comfort so that weight is distributed and not placed on the veins.

Reducing your salt intake is key to helping with your hemorrhoid problems. Not only is salt bad for your blood pressure, but salt increases swelling in the body. This swelling will happen throughout the entire body including the hemorrhoid area. The hemorrhoids swelling is what causes a majority of pain and suffering.

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, consider lubricating your anus with a little petroleum jelly. This can be applied with your finger tips or a cotton swab. Lubricating your anus helps stools to have an easier time passing, and avoids painful tears. Daily lubrication is perfectly healthy and without risk.

Do not be embarrassed. Many people delay treatment of their hemorrhoids out of fear of embarrassment. This needlessly prolongs your suffering, and can allow the hemorrhoids to worsen. Nearly half of the population has suffered from hemorrhoids at some point in their lives, making them one of the most common things your doctor treats.

To prevent hemorrhoids from getting worse, never ever use any type of dry toilet paper. If you do and you accidently scrape the hemorrhoid, this can cause you to bleed and be very uncomfortable. They sell wet wipes that are flushable, which would be a great alternative to standard paper.

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